Testimonials & Kind Words

Radostina Bosseva - USAPhotographer & Blogger

Enrolling in the lifestyle photography course is one of the best decisions I´ve ever made. The training program is simply fantastic! With her caring and motivational approach Christina shares amazing, useful tips and tricks. She is not afraid to share her own journey in the process of becoming professional photographer. For me this is the best motivation!

Sif Orellana - DenmarkCookbook Author, Publisher & Photographer

Christina´s training is life changing! I have never ever gained so much knowledge and inspiration from any other photography workshop. Christina is the most amazing teacher, and due to her training, my photography skills have improved tremendously! Sign up and make the best investment in your own skills and future!

Anette Harbech OlesenHealth Expert &  Cookbook Author

I’m enjoying Christina´s photography workshop tremendously. Joining is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I feel encouraged to continue challenging myself and most importantly I feel empowered to seek my own unique form of expression. Christina has a seldom gift; she keeps you captured, she makes the complexities of photography super easy and so interesting that you want to move on and continue. Thank you Christina for sharing your knowledge, your creativity and wisdom and thank you for believing in me.

Carmen Gonzales - USAPhotographer

Christina's Program was truly a delightful experience!! This course is jam-packed with so much information, broken down into different sections and modules that make learning so much fun! Christina has a passion for teaching, and the modules are beautifully illustrated with gorgeous imagery, captivating and inspiring the student every step of the way. I highly recommend Christina's workshops to anyone! You'll be sure to walk away with so much knowledge, feeling empowered and ready to rock your camera!

Leanne Ambrogio - AUSTRALIA
Photographer, Stylist, Founder of Sweet Style

Christina´s positive attitude and constant motivation helps bring the best out in everyone. Her instructions and tips; not to mention her beautiful photography makes her workshop the best online courses I have EVER done! Thanks once again for all the motivation - I am finally ticking off some goals!

Rubini Naidu - USA

Christina's Lifestyle Photography Workshop is one of a kind! Today I´m able to capture photos I never dreamed would be possible. In just a few lessons, Christina sparked my creativity. The workshop is easy to follow and helpful for photographers of all levels. Best decision EVER!

Eva Ricci - CANADAPhotographer, Artist & Graphic Designer

This workshop is full of incredible information for all levels of photographers. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is beginning in the field or to those who want to polish their work and get focused on building a great business. The amount of information in this workshop is mind-blowing not to mention all the bonus material. Thank you Christina, for sharing all your knowledge with us.

Tina Engel - GERMANYFood Stylist & Photographer

Taking action is a key word for me when I think about Christina. The way she is teaching, encourages and inspires me in each and every way. Not only in a technical way (I learned how to shoot in manual and all my editing skills from her!!!! AMAZING), but also how she approaches the personal development one needs to start the journey to become a professional photographer.

Monique Langen - NETHERLANDS

I loved everything about Christina's workshop! She really gives away ALL her secrets! This workshop is so complete and so much fun! She explains everything really well, whether it comes to shooting mesmerising photos, styling, editing, boosting your creative confidence, the technical stuff...the whole workshop is  pure joy. I would truly recommend this workshop to everyone whether you are a beginner or advanced!

Lila Rosana - CANADA

The training is very well organized, easy to read and follow; very informative and full of beautiful photos to illustrate instructions. The workshop helped me become more confident, believing in myself and in my skills as a photographer. I truly learned to step outside the box and now I´m creating wonderful images because of this class. I would recommend this workshop to everyone, who is interested in pursuing photography as a business and a way of life.

Katy Noelle - CALIFORNIA

It´s incredible, all the heart and beauty that Christina has poured out in creating this workshop. Each lesson is like a jewel box - both in the way that it's presented and with the insights and teaching shared - it's just GORGEOUS and overflowing in every way! I´ve been gently led out of my comfort zone - my creativity unlocked! These lessons - this experience - is irresistible! I urge you - encourage you... make space - make room to experience this workshop!! It is so worth it - whether you're a beginner or seasoned photographer - there is so much to be learned from this training!! It has turned my photography joy-o-meter to overflowing. Truly, it will do the same for you!

Gema Espinosa - SPAIN

YES. Joining this workshop was the perfect way to stimulate my mind, my imagination, and improve the quality of my work. I feel much more confident now after the workshop. Before the workshop I was very worried because I felt that I had lost my passion for photography, and because I lacked a personal style. Now, after the workshop, I have all the tools to develop it and my photography passions is blooming again - it makes me so happy! I have grown so much from from this workshop, not only in the technical part, but in the way that my inspiration grew. Now I can say with a big smile that I really feel like an artist!

Kathi Otreba - AUSTRIA

Christina puts her HEART and SOUL into this workshop. She shares all her tips and tricks! The workshop is SUPER fun, educational and inspirational! What makes the class so unique is that it isn’t just designed to teach you photography but also to boost your confidence and make you believe in yourself. The workshop is well worth the investment - an amazing experience!

Eva Skubla - SWEDEN

This workshop is fantastic! Christina is a very generous and inspiring woman, and her energy has given me lots of new ideas! I appreciate Christina's ability to encourage and enhance your self-confidence and make you believe in yourself and your talent. I highly recommend the workshop to everyone who loves photography and need a creative boost!